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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tips For Affiliate

Useful Affiliate Tip # 1 - Promoting Product that you know:

1) Many affiliate marketers tend to promote the hot products recently released by the popular Internet marketers. You see, this tactic will be very competitive, and you should try to avoid it if you do not own a copy of such a hot Internet marketing and product had not done a good study of what he is talking about.

2) What you must do is improve your copywriting skills to know the product inside and outside. The next thing you have to do is to a good and reliable relationship between you and your potential customers. You must also ensure that your potential customers with a complete review of the product by offering the "pros and cons".

Useful Affiliate Tip # 2 - building a good relationship with your list:

1) The money is on the list, so you need to build a targeted opt-in list. You have to spend the time and effort to focus on building the relationship with your list. The way to do this is simple and you have to send some relationship building materials such as free report, gifts, articles, software, etc. that are useful to your list. The frequency of sending these things are to be free nearly the same as your advertising by e-mail.

2) The list is important and can be a cash cow for you provided that you do not treat as a herd. You must know your list of the interests and needs by reaching out to them. Let your list know that you have just a step on the learning curve for them. You and your list in the Internet marketing world together.

Useful Affiliate Tip # 3 - Brand Yourself:

1) Do you know what the Internet marketing gurus have in common? Yes, they have a brand and this translates into visibility. Internet marketing gurus know that they are good at something and use them to mark themselves as to let people understand them better.

2) Some of the Internet marketing brand itself as "killer copy writer", "super affiliates", "retired millionaire", "lazy internet marketer" ga and so on. Many of these successful Internet marketers actually started as affiliate marketers for making the products of their own country.

It is therefore important that you know how you can separate yourself from the following affiliate marketer who are promoting the same product as you do. My advice to you is to the above three useful tips affiliate closely and you'll see significant improvement in your results. If you are on your way to a successful Internet marketing and affiliate marketing journey.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

About Adsense Earning

The Google AdSense program is like finding money in the street.

Kids in High School are making thousands of dollars a month with Adsense... Housewives, Retiree's, Mom and Pop's who've never made a dime on the Internet have created full time incomes by simply placing AdSense Ads on their web site or blog.

Then you have the "Super AdSense" earners. We have all heard of them... the Elite few who are on track to make half a million dollars a year or more promoting AdSense sites.

Do not be mistaken though... these people are not building like your Mom and Pop's do. They have systems in place that create sites for them... people who build sites for them... they have outsourced and automated many of the tedious tasks such as posting to blogs and searching for keywords.

While most people cannot emulate everything these Super AdSense earners do... many of them you can.

Here are 7 Required Steps you can implement today to copy their success.

1) Starting today... treat your AdSense business like it is a REAL business and track what you do.

Begin tracking what you are doing that works... as well as what you are doing that does not work. This will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over, and you can repeat the steps that have worked in the past. As simple as this step seems... most people do not know the reason(s) to their success or failure.

2) Utilize the latest tools and software available.

The Super AdSense earners are not any smarter than your average person. I know many people think they are... but for the most part, they are regular non techie people.

They are smarter in one respect though... they use the latest tools available to them to automate most of the tasks involved with researching and creating sites. They use the latest keyword, site creation and search engine optimization tools available. The tools they use are their secret weapons.

3) Quit chasing the Mega Dollar keywords.

You cannot compete with the search engine experts who create sites for the $80 payout keywords. You may get lucky every now and then... but in the long run, you are better off building sites for the low to mid range payout keywords. The competition is less, and your chance of success is much higher over the long term.

4) Choose broad niches and break it down.

Choose a broad subject as your main theme (lets use computers for an example). From there... break it down into as many sub niches as possible.

Using Computers as the example... you could build sub niches/sites like laptop computers, computer hard drives, computer keyboards, etc, etc. You could literally build hundreds of sites around one major theme and stay totally focused. Once you have exhausted every possible sub niche of that major theme... choose another main theme and repeat the process.


Keep your sites easy to navigate and forget the fancy graphics that distract your visitors attention. Unless you are just building AdSense sites for the fun of it and to impress your friends... the purpose of having the site is to have people click on one of the ads, right? Then keep the site layout simple... dump the scrolling banners, dancing chickens and colored scroll bars... they are distractions.

6) What is the purpose of your web site?

Your web site cannot be everything to everybody. If you have a full fledged ecommerce site, with products for sale... links to other products, it is not a good site for AdSense. If the primary focus of the site is to sell products... let it do that.

Do not distract or confuse your visitor with to many options or choices. The best AdSense sites are AdSense only content sites that sell nothing. They are sites that "Tell"... not "Sell."

7) Be consistent.

This is not one of those deals where you build one site and you are done. Refer back to Step #4. You must continuously build in order to be successful.

Think of it as planting a crop that you will harvest in a month or two, and the sites you build are seeds. Once the seeds have grown and matured... you will reap the harvest. The more seeds you plant... the larger the harvest.

To sum it up... utilize the tools available to automate as much of the process of building sites - doing research and building keyword lists as you can. This alone will help keep you organized and on track. Be consistent in building... treat it like the business it is and you will reap the rewards of your harvest.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Three basic methods for making money with a website or blog

Three basic methods for making money with a website or blog:
1. Get a free website / blog to advertise products and services. Some people
You do not need a place to do this however, in both cases, this requires further
level of expertise in Internet marketing and web design - in his case. If a
novice takes this approach, he / she will surely fail. Learn SEO
(keywords or content pages and links) is extremely important, whether free of traffic
organic search engines are in the plan. Or if advertising directories,
classified, or PPC (pay-per-click) sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., but
there is still much more than that.
Knowing how to market and advertising (getting traffic to the website / blog)
extremely vital for success. And this is why over 90% of the new Internet
marketers non and for other reasons follows:
* Lack of knowledge, skills or desire
* Prefers make you rich-quick scheme (money fast) or,
* Do not know how to do research or a niche advertising for potential customers
* Quitting after one or a few failures (without passion or perserverence)
The bottom line is ... How can a person succeed and not fail? Answer. Learn
Internet Marketing the right way.
Here is food for thought ...
How can anyone achieve anything in life without a proven system successfully.
Many people take for granted the simple achievements in their daily lives
(Personal and business / work). Learning, monitor and implement the law and the system
success will come. Once success comes, then duplicate learn well.
Franchises use today successfully tested a system, duplicate and start a new
franchise. Think about your company (website) become a franchise.
2. Get a turnkey website / blog that the design is not required skill. These
Web sites are "turnkey" or ready-made settings abd make money. This is pre --
designed with their own products and affiliate links. Many of them are free
you have to pay. There is only one drawback however, still must obtain their own
Traffic (visitors) to your site. Many of these vendors provide assistance. Some of
they will give hands.
The starting point ... Internet marketing learn and develop the skills necessary to
become an independent marketer. There is a greater opportunity to make more money.
3. Get a pre-designed, revenue-generating website you cree. All or most
of the technical work is done for you so do not require skills. Advanced
Internet marketers are using these sites, in order to build many of them
faster. You are learning on the fly.
In a nutshell ... you still have to learn to internet marketing to get your own
Case in point! ...
There are sellers out there who say that or you can get instant traffic
your site. This may be good, but all for one, I never rely on my income
website or doing business in the hands of another. I need my own safety
hence, I have my own traffic. It is the most logical way to succeed on / off
the Internet.
Of course there is more than necessary, but added that I just want people
understand ... if you want something bad enough then work on it. The Internet is
a library universal.
Research and learn ... Research and learning should never stop. That's how people
become successful traders. If a child aged 14, could succeed,
making more than $ 2000 per month, no doubt other people of all ages can do as
Everybody, in most cases, not only failed once, twice or three times but some
they do not many times.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The List Building Stealth Tactic

The List Building Stealth Tactic
By Sean Houser Platinum Quality Author

List building is a difficult task for newer online marketers, but it doesn't have to be... You can actually make it a very easy daily task if you just use a few good base elements.

First you need to make an effort to write content each and every day... You can do whatever you want with the content; submit it to article directories, turn it into a blog post, create a squidoo lense, etc...

Content is one of the most important things to remember because it usually leads to 100% free traffic to your website.

Alright, the next thing you should make a daily chore of is creating auto-responder content... Too many marketers focus on building a list, but then have no good content in their auto-responder to back themselves up as an expert in their field.

Your autoresponder should be a mixture of good content and promotional material... Don't have so much good content to the point where you aren't sending out any promotions, and don't bombard your list with too many promotions either or they'll all unsubscribe.

OK, the next thing you should always think about is networking. The more potential partners you have to do ad swaps with, the faster your list will grow. You can form partnerships just by being friendly with other people in your niche market... Help them, and they'll return the favor sometime in the future, usually by letting you advertise to their list.

Alright, if you make a consistent effort to use these strategies you will definitely see an increase in your list size.

Need More Traffic? New Technique, Lots of Proof!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Control Your Domain Name & Protect Your Online Identity

Control Your Domain Name & Protect Your Online Identity
By Lynne Foster

Registering a domain name is something that a lot of people leave up to their web designer or hosting company. We have recently come across a practice that, although slightly unscrupulous, is something that cannot be easily policed as not everyone is aware of the problem. So what is this practice we are referring to?

It is the registering domain names on your behalf but not under you or your company's name.*

So what does this mean to you?

Well, firstly, think of it this way. You set up your company, work hard to make it work and decide to get a website. The domain is bought on your behalf, website built and then maybe you spend years building your online presence. So what happens if after all this hard work you then decide to then transfer your hosting or site design etc to someone else? If the domain is not registered under your details your previous host could quite easily refuse to pass the domain to you. If this happens and you cannot resolve this through Nominets Dispute Resolution then there is not much you can do short of starting afresh with a new domain. As much of an annoyance this would be it is far preferable to being forceably tied to a company who have effectively held you to ransom for your company's online identity.

In an attempt to stop anyone else falling foul of this we have a few tips for anyone thinking of registering a domain name through a third party.

1) Ensure that your potential domain registering company does not make a habit of registering domains in their own name by looking up their company using domain name tools If they have hundreds of domain names registered to them alarm bells should ring. Bear in mind though that this is not 100% accurate for example a search for our company Polr brings back over 100 results whereas actually only have four at the moment (all our own!), make sure you are using the correct companys details in your search

2) Have it written into the contract that the domain MUST be registered under your details so you have some documentation should it come to dispute resolution. Do not fall into the trap of simply assuming that 'It goes without saying' that you would own the domain.

3) Research may take a little time but will be priceless if it stops you from getting into a dispute. Look at their current clients and look up their details in the whois database. If their clients' domain names are not registered to each individual client then it may be best to steer clear.

4) If in doubt, but you still want other services from the company such as hosting, register your domain yourself. You can do this easily from any number of sources. Any webdesign company can work with a pre-bought name and question the skills of any that suggest otherwise!

Domain registration is not something that should be taken lightly. Would you let someone register your company name under their address and details? Then why take the chance with your online address?

* What Nominet say: A small number of Registrars routinely register domain names in their own name without the knowledge or permission of their customer. This breaks the terms of the contract, because it can cause major problems for the intended Registrant.

Lynne Foster is a director of PoLR Limited - a web design, SEO and online marketing company in Glasgow Scotland.

Google Manipulator Review That Will Change the Way You Do Affiliate Marketing

Google Manipulator Review That Will Change the Way You Do Affiliate Marketing
By Bob Hugo

There are many people out there from all over the world that are having the hard time to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing. We have heard many stories about how certain product could turn normal ordinary people like you and me into a successful online marketer. The truth is, it is not as easy as most people lead you to believe especially getting traffics to your site. But there is one amazing product that could help anyone tyring to build their online business with affiliate marketing. The product that I refer to is Google Manipulator. How can this product change the way you do online business, bring more traffics to your site hence make you more money? This review will reveals all the secrets about Google Manipulator.

Google Manipulator is the amazing making money online strategy introduced by Pawel Reszka, the underground SEO marketer which has been secretly earning serious cash on the internet. The name of the strategy spoke for itself as that is exactly Google Manipulator is all about, manipulating Google to generate cash.

The core features of Google Manipulator strategy is to make full use of Web 2.0 sites combined with affiliate programs. This strategy if do it right, will make your site soar to the top of the search engines which could bring load of traffics to your site. More traffics mean higher chances for you to make more money.

The search engines such as Google for example was developed in a very complex codes & structures. Unless you know the ins and outs of the Google system only then you will be able to manipulate it to work to your advantage. But how many of us that have that skill or even have time to crack the Google's code. Even that, you are taking the risk of getting slapped by Google.

This is where Google Manipulator ebook comes in handy. The strategies revealed in the ebook will teach you how to use Web 2.0 services to your advantage and build profitable niche sites that other marketers miss.

Here are some of the amazing strategies that will learn from Google Manipulator ebook.

- How to generate traffic to your affiliate links even if you don't have your own website.
- How to rank your niche sites on the front page of Google within days!
- How to find profitable keywords, and untapped niches
- How to get one-way links to your niche sites without doing any link exchanges or even buying links
- How to use Web 2.0 to drive even more free traffic from Google
- Black Hat tactics to explode your affiliate profits

This review can only reveals some of the secrets of what you can get from Google Manipulator. There are much more benefits offered by this amazing product which could assist you to be a successful online affiliate marketer.

You have to check it out for yourself & I'm sure you will be amazed of what will learn from Google Manipulator ebook.

Visit this Google Manipulator Review Blog to find out more.

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