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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make money with Adgitize

How do I make money with Adgitize?

It is the point system. And it is converted in to cash. The goal of the Adgitize Network is to drive traffic to blogs and websites. They will give rewards by the following ways. Check their points system below.

  • You will get points every time you write an article on your blog. ( So Be active in you blog. 50 points per post)
  • You will get points when you click on ads for other members within the community. ( Surf others blogs within Adgitize community. For this you have to click others Adgitize ads. Entrecard like fashion.)
  • You will get points for any visits to your web site or blog. ( If you have more page views you will earn more points)
  • You will get points any time someone clicks a member ad on your blog.

The earning calculation is your total points divided by the total points earned by all members.


If you want more traffic, you can use this Adgitize network for advertising. Because it has the surfing system within the members. So it will lead to get more traffic than other ad networks.


Publisher can collect payments via Paypal (min $10) and the Check ( min $50).

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